Monday, April 14, 2014

diary 4.12.14- time goes slowly by

Diary 4.12.14- time goes slowly by by Shalloboi on Mixcloud

So winter is over... well, kind of.

Either way, this is a mix heavy on the psych and garage. It's also all vinyl rips except for the last track. The more typically eclectic type of mix that I normally make with return for my birthday diary version in a little over a month.

song- artist- album

1. endless life- the verve- s/t EP
2. rhymes of an hour- mazzy star- 'among my swan'
3. b & e- nothing- 'guilty of everything'
4. endurance- bardo pond- 'ticket crystals'
5. chameleon- the warlocks- 'skull worship'
6. slide thru my fingers- tame impala- s/t EP
7. lux- disappears- 'lux'
8. high frontier- lumerians- 'high frontier'
9. tired of wasting my time- coachwhips- 'hands on the controls'
10. the hardest walk- the jesus & mary chain- 'psychocandy'
11. widowmaker- the heads- 'relaxing with...'
12. indian bones- dead meadow- s/t
13. baxter corner- white fence- 'live in san francisco'
14. hare tarot lies- no joy- 'wait to pleasure'
15. in another way- my bloody valentine- 'm b v'
16. spread your wings- spiritualized- ace theater los angeles bootleg

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