Friday, February 14, 2014

diary 2.14.14- i watched you as you disappeared

Diary 2.14.14- i watched you as you disappeared by Shalloboi on Mixcloud

song- artist- album

1. cherubs- arab strap- 'elephant shoe'
2. a sunny day (one afternoon)- the asteroid #4- 'hail to the clear figurines'
3. eighteen is over the hill- the west coast pop art experimental band- 'a child's guide to good and evil'
4. romneydale- weyes blood- 'the outside room'
5. elemental finding- tara jane o'neil- 'where shine new lights'
6. the bloom- lumerians- 'the high frontier'
7. heart-shaped box- nirvana- 'in utero'
8. girlfriend- ty segall- 'melted'
9. she's on top- sic alps- 'she's on top' 12"
10. cupid come- my bloody valentine- 'isn't anything'
11. taste- bardo pond- 'peace on venus'
12. blues hour- mogwai- 'rave tapes'
13. hi- warpaint- s/t
14. feel it now- black rebel motorcycle club- 'howl sessions'
15. between circles- death and vanilla- self-titled EP
16. cupid's trick- elliott smith- 'either/or'
17. watch her disappear- tom waits- 'alice'
18. some things cosmic- angel olsen- 'strange cacti'

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