Sunday, January 26, 2014

diary 1.25.14- devastating stare-downs

Diary 1.25.14- devastating stare-downs by Shalloboi on Mixcloud

song- artist- album

1. the frost in winter- windy & carl- 'we will always be'
2. the hours- exitmusic- 'from silence'
3. incinerate- sonic youth- 'rather ripped'
4. in the roses- wooden shjips- 'back to land'
5. spiderwebs- carlton melton- 'always even'
6. life without skin- lumerians- 'the high frontier'
7. he looks good in space- the warlocks- 'skull worship'
8. tower & the wall- ocs- 'ocs 4: get stoved'
9. excave- benoit pioulard- 'hymnal'
10. patterned sky- bloodbirds- 'psychic surgery'
11. teresa, lark of ascension- broadcast- 'berberian sound studio'
12. if it's alive, it will- angel olsen- 'strange cacti'
13. mercy- black rebel motorcycle club- 'howl sessions'
14. condescend- low- 'songs for a dead pilot'
15. crawl away- bardo pond- 'set and setting'
16. music for twin peaks episode #30- stars of the lid- 'the ballasted orchestra'

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