Sunday, October 20, 2013

diary 10.20.13- cover the windows and the walls

Diary 10.20.13- cover the windows and the walls by Shalloboi on Mixcloud

song- artist- album

1. spirit in front of me- crystal stilts- 'nature noir'
2. fragility- white fence- 'pink gorilla' 7"
3. glyphs- sic alps- s/t
4. girl- disappears- 'era'
5. i suck at life- bare mutants- 'the affliction'
6. the waiting- angel olsen- 'half way home'
7. i've gotta stop- mazzy star- 'seasons of your day'
8. hotel 2 tango- sharon van etten- 'we are fine' 7"
9. the keepers- ty segall- 'sleeper'
10. lux- death and vanilla- 'from above' 7"
11. millenium blues- clear horizon- s/t
12. cover the windows and the walls- grouper- 'cover the windows and the walls'
13. dungtitled (in a major)- stars of the lid- '...and their refinement of the decline'
14. suhr- loveliescrushing- 'glissceule'
15. bolt- loomer- 'ceiling'
16. wonder 2- my bloody valentine- 'm b v'
17. come down easy- spacemen 3- 'forged prescriptions'

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