Tuesday, April 24, 2012

diary 4.22.12- saw you falling from heaven

song- artist- album

1. you can never hold back spring- tom waits- 'orphans: brawlers, bawlers and bastards'
2. l mansion- sic alps- 'l mansion' 7"
3. the wild ones- suede- 'dog man star'
4. wish i could- the jesus & mary chain- 'stoned and dethroned'
5. blues tune- bardo pond- 'dragonfly' 7"
6. all tore up- the cramps- 'all tore up'
7. for a handsome price- soft speaker- 'i'll tend your garden'
8. hybernation sickness- disappears- 'pre language'
9. how soon is now?- the smiths- 'meat is murder'
10. run home to your mama- evie sands- 'take me for a little while' 7"
11. eighteen is over the hill- veronica falls- 'covers ep'
12. other people- beach house- 'bloom'
13. flyin' low- mazzy star- coachella 2012 bootleg
14. don't do it- sharon van etten- 'epic'
15. the line- black rebel motorcycle club- 'howl'
16. come on home to me- lee hazlewood- 'the lhi years: singles, nudes and backsides (1968-71)'
17. so long you pretty things- spiritualized- 'sweet heart sweet light'

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