Thursday, March 22, 2012

diary 3.18.12- apres le deluge vert

song- artist- album

1. medicine cabinet- hookworms- s/t 12"
2. pre language- disappears- 'pre language'
3. hey sis- dum dum girls- 'catholicked' 12"
4. fortune teller- the rolling stones- 'got live if you want it'
5. rising below- dirty three- 'toward the low sun'
6. sooner or later- veronica falls- 'cover ep'
7. careless love- camera obscura- 'my maudlin career'
8. wait- wild nothing- 'nowhere' 7"
9. that joke isn't funny anymore- the smiths- 'meat is murder'
10. army dreamers- kate bush- 'never for ever'
11. lilac wine- nina simone- 'wild is the wind'
12. mellow beach- the asteroid #4- 'b-sides and singles 1999-2007'
13. in line- sharon van etten- 'tramp'
14. myth- beach house- 'bloom'
15. gossip, numbers & theories- grimble grumble- s/t
16. hey jane- spiritualized- 'sweet heart sweet light'
17. it's this i am- evie sands- 'anyway that you want me'

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