Saturday, December 31, 2011

best of 2011: part four of four

I had to make an exception to my normal CD-length constraint for my mixes with this one. I still managed to make it a length that would fit on a 90-minute mixtape (and by that I mean that it can be separated into two sides, each under 45 minutes). Even with my modified limitations it was still unbelievably difficult to cut this mix down to an appropriate length. And then I got ahold of '50 Words for Snow' by Kate Bush AND 'Bad as Me' by Tom Waits. There were at least 15 songs that ended up on the cutting room floor. It's been a long road filled with carnage since approximately June of this awful, craptastic year. Mainly I refused to cut 'Await the Star.' That's how important I feel it is. As always I've been able to include songs from singles and EPs that weren't included in my ridiculous list. That said, it's been incredibly fun spending half of the year putting this together- almost as fun as listening to this 90-minute mix. Enjoy!

Best of 2011

song- artist- album

1. white noise- mogwai- 'hardcore will never die, but you will'
2. wash over us- the fresh & onlys- 'secret walls' ep
3. all gone white- disappears- 'live at echo canyon' ep
4. talking at the same time- tom waits- 'bad as me'
5. battery townsley- sic alps- 'battery townsley' 7"
6. robber barons- thee oh sees- 'carrion crawler/the dream'
7. so fucked up on valentine's day- the warlocks- 'unreleased 2010'
8. frost inside the asylum- crystal stilts- 'radiant door' ep
9. weight on my shoulders- the walkmen- 'weight on my shoulders' 7"
10. out of tune- real estate- 'days'
11. coming down- dum dum girls- 'only in dreams'
12. peeping tomboy- kurt vile- 'smoke ring for my halo'
13. doldrums- atlas sound- 'parallax'
14. common burn- mazzy star- 'common burn' single
15. among angels- kate bush- '50 words for snow'
16. await the star- bardo pond- s/t
17. nightingale- low- 'c'mon acoustic'

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