Saturday, November 12, 2011

the brian jonestown massacre- maxwell's, hoboken, nj 2002.02.17

If you look over to the right in the links area you'll see one link entitled 'Johnny Love Fuzztone' which, if you click on it, is sadly dead. That blog was by an individual who shared some really great stuff through his blog- mostly bootleg live shows and rarities. He posted regularly on the Keep Music Evil forum, which is a gathering place for fans of the Brian Jonestown Massacre. He was a nice guy who fell upon a lot of hardship and took a lot of shit and I always admired him for sharing so much great stuff. Since all of the links are now gone I thought I'd revive a few over a time. The first is the best find that I got off of his site- this is a BJM show from 2002 from Maxwell's in Hoboken, New Jersey. It's quite the intense little gem- 'Johnny Marr is Dead,' 'Straight Up and Down' and 'Sue' for a start, plus the rarely played 'Open Heart Surgery.' Here it is for you to enjoy-


1. Johnny Marr is Dead
2. Nevertheless
3. Servo/Swallowtail
4. Jennifer/Nailing Honey to the Bee
5. Whoever you Are
6. Vacuum Boots
7. Who
8. Sue
9. Wisdom
10. (joke)
11. This is Why you Love me
12. Open Heart Surgery
13. Telegram
14. Fucker
15. That Girl Suicide
16. Satellite
17. Straight Up and Down

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