Tuesday, October 18, 2011

diary 10.6.11- and here we are, nowhere...

diary playlist for october, which is turning out to be quite a strange month full of high highs and low lows. i've gotten a jumpstart on the november playlist- so much cool stuff coming out. mixcloud link to follow soon.

song- artist- album
1. teenage riot- sonic youth- '1991: the year punk broke'
2. magnetic moon- crystal stilts- 'shake the shackles' 7"
3. crystal baby- dum dum girls- 'coming down' 7"
4. vulture like lovers- wild nothing- 'golden haze'
5. overload- the cardigans- 'super extra gravity'
6. undiscovered first- feist- 'metals'
7. lover of mine- beach house- 'teen dream'
8. 14 horses- mary timony- 'the golden dove'
9. vibrato- acetone- 'york blvd.'
10. the ballad of richie lee- spiritualized- 'amazing grace'
11. dancing on the highway- elliott smith- b-sides
12. does this always happen?- mogwai- 'earth division'
13. tonight's the night- solomon burke- 'tonight's the night' 7"
14. let it loose- rolling stones- 'exile on main street'
15. sea of sound- pale saints- 'the comforts of madness'
16. nowhere- ride- 'live at the roxy 1991'
17. i'm coming home (parts 1 & 2)- the staple singers- 'the best of the vee-jay years'

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