Thursday, April 21, 2011

kurt vile- reckless records 4.1.2011

A few weeks late, but why not? Stefanie and I went to reckless records on April Fool's Day to catch a free instore by Kurt Vile, who we couldn't see at Subterranean for a few reasons- 1) He was opening for J Mascis and the tickets were expensive, plus Subterranean is always a little too liberal with the volume, which doesn't exactly work for someone like Kurt Vile (I saw him there at his post-Pitchfork set last year and I can personally attest to this) and 2) We were going to another show that night- Soft Speaker at the Empty Bottle. Apparently we weren't alone in our predicament. We got there about 45 minutes early, meandered around a bit and about a half-hour out the place began to get packed and I do mean PACKED. There were easily a few hundred people there- the crowd stretched all the way throughout the store. It would've been a drag to be a random person wandering in looking to peruse the stacks as this was completely impossible. I recorded the set. It was quite good, if a bit slap-dash. He opened with what I believe was a new song (see video up at the top), played a few songs from the new and excellent 'Smoke Rings for my Halo' as well as a few older greats ('Slow Talkers' and 'He's Alright'- probably the best Kurt Vile song ever). Anyway, here is a download of the show for you nice folks- hope you enjoy it!

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