Tuesday, March 8, 2011

diary 3.5.11- wave a white flag

song- artist- album

1. let's jump in- dead meadow- 'feathers'
2. guider- disappears- 'guider'
3. love on the sea- moon duo- 'love on the sea' 12"
4. outta my head- wooden shjips- 'vol. 2'
5. awake- black rebel motorcycle club- s/t
6. summer holiday- wild nothing- 'gemini'
7. blue as your blood- the walkmen- 'lisbon'
8. majesty/magic- low- 'c'mon'
9. this may be the last time- staple singers- 'spacemen 3 110 comp'
10. take care of my baby- dum dum girls- 'he gets me high' 12"
11. i'm a fool to want you- ketty lester- 'love letter' 7"
12. how can you mend a broken heart- al green- 'let's stay together'
13. spiral dream- jessica bailiff- 'feels like home'
14. in here the world begins- broadcast- 'mother is the milky way'
15. you're lionel richie- mogwai- 'harcore will never die, but you will'
16. won't get to heaven (the state i'm in)- spiritualized- 'let it come down'
17. netty's girl- beastie boys- 'the sounds of science'

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