Thursday, January 10, 2008

and so it begins...

i started at beans and bagels on wednesday. i will be working every day from now until the assignment at chase ends or i lose my fucking shit having to work seven day work weeks, whichever comes first. vox ac30 or bust! i'm not getting the cheapie either- i'm getting the full-on badass new one with the alnico blue speakers. basically it has the best, most pure tone i've ever heard. i'm pretty sure that it will just be used for recording- maybe the occasional local live performance if i feel inclined.
a sad fact- working four days a week at beans and bagels it is highly likely that i will make at least the same amount but likely a bit more money than i do working full-time second shift at chase. cheap. mother. fuckers. amazing. the hourly rate is about the same, but i get decent tips every day at beans and bagels. not quite as good as pizza hut, but very close. i have no complaints. wednesday there was pretty mellow by my reckoning.
i've been reading 'love is a mixtape' which is a book that billy got me for christmas. i finished 'love in the time of cholera' (well, that's kind of odd isn't it... i hadn't even noticed the similarity until now despite it's staring me right in the face) maybe a week ago and i started 'love is a mixtape' the next day and i'm already more than halfway through it- i'll probably be done with it by next week. i really like it. some of the constant clever obscure/kitschy lyric references can get annoying occasionally, but i'm a huge fan of the themes in the book. it's basically built around a few old tapes that the writer (rob sheffield who writes for 'rolling stone' and other similar publications and has since the early 90s) has found and basically he starts every chapter with the tape's tracklisting and then writes about the memories associated with it. most of the tapes were made by his wife who sadly died back in 1997. i read the chapter where her death occurs while i was listening to bruce springsteen's 'nebraska' while i was riding to work and it was pretty heavy. it is actually doing a pretty good job of articulating a lot of things that i'd never even realised about marriage and such. pretty heavy stuff. i almost cried on the train- which just doesn't normally happen to me when i'm reading a book. the last time i cried it was after i listened to a bootleg of the sigur ros show at the opera house last year that i got somehow and when i was there they played 'vidrar vel til loftarasa' (i think it's track 7 on 'aegetis byrjun') which is one of my absolute favourite songs of theirs. when they played it i almost passed out and my eyes clouded over as the song went on, but each time i'd be about ready to burst there would be a pause before the song starts up again- which i'd never noticed, but it stops and starts again about five times. when i listened to the song on the bootleg the end part made me cry my fucking eyes out- the part where they do that really long creschendo and the guitar gets kind of noisy and then the drums kick into the beat and everything kind of syncs up and hits you full on and i just lost it- it was crazy. well, this book almost had the same effect- so good job billy! i really like the book!
it's also nice because it reads a lot easier than 'love in the time of cholera' which reads easily as well, but it's so dense that you really have to pay attention or it's really easy to lose track because there's no dialogue and the plot is pretty loosely tied and on a single page there is an alarming amount of detail and information. i liked it a lot, but this is nice because it's more conversational and thus much easier to follow. speaking of which what fucking numbskull thought that 'love in the time of cholera' would make a good movie?!
anyway, i should probably be off. tomorrow is my last sleeping in day until tuesday. shiz. oh well, i'd imagine that the weekends are lighter than during the week- it's right by a big row of warehouses and businesses so there's not much of a neighborhood vibe to right over where it is. watch me eat my words. adios.

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